Thursday, February 11, 2010

January 2010 Wave Binge

Some of the best shots from the week of solid surf in January. Not much need for words...I'll let the pictures do the talking. All photos courtesy of Fangtooth Photography International.

Skiing Mountains of Water

A friend of mine at work sent me a link to this website and I thought it was hilarious. Not real functional, but fascinating...and definitely amusing:

They at least need to hire a new promo photographer.

Even better, testing it in real surf in Maui...

Dropping in on you in the near future...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boden & the Wavestorm

Pumping Wedge - July 2009

Took the summer off

Unfortunately, this summer was the longest stretch with no Fangtooth Events since I started the club in the summer of 2004. Of course, it was just a breather to get re-energized for the magical fall months full of combo swells, lingering sunshine, reasonable water temps and offshore breezes. Even though we didn't have an event over the summer, I know many Fangteeth scored their fair share of waves. With that in mind, I've posted some of my favorite shots from the past summer for everyone's enjoyment. The shots range from the July superswell doing its thing at some secret OC spots and the mighty wedge to a few pics of the newest Fangtooth shredder catching some foamers to the beach to a few wavestorm shots at the home break.

I hope everyone had a chance to get at least a few trunked sessions in August and September, as it was some of the warmest I can remember and winter is right around the corner.

So, dust off your booties, hoods (if you're really hardcore), enjoy a few warm water pics and get ready to get the big boards out of the rafters for some wintertime juice.

Until the next swell...

July 09 Swell

Thursday, May 14, 2009

April Fangtooth - 34th Street

We had a mixed-bag at April's event. Cold water and freezing north winds combined with lumped up peaky wind-swell to provide some fun waves and numb toes for all. Fangtooth of the month goes to Craig Wickwire, whose wife, Ali, is about to have twin girls...which will make Craig outnumbered 4-1 at home. Good luck Craig! Of course, BS is having a baby girl in May as well, but he was edged out by the sheer numbers involved in Craig's household event. All the same, good luck to both families. In about 10 years, the Fangtooth Yooth girls will be stealing all our waves, so we should enjoy a few waves alone while we can.

See everyone in May.